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Dominique Evrard

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Dominique Evrard was born in 1950 in Lille.

After directing a number of ethnographical films between 1970 and 1980 (including Histoires de vie, commissioned by the Institut National d’Audiovisuel), Dominique Evrard began to concentrate on his own photographic work. Since then, he has become a traveler for whom the world is his workshop. He waits in forgotten and abandoned places for the light to reveal the traces left behind by mankind. His landscapes are fragments of nature which forsake their roots to stimulate our memory – an architecture which, once lit, portrays time and duration.

Since 1988, he has collaborated, along with such luminaries as American sculptor Mark Di Suvero, with "La Vie des Formes," an international center for experimental art that welcome artists from all disciplines, located in Chalon-sur-Saone and in New York.

Dominique Evrard has exhibited his work extensively in France and abroad and has published many books, including Part de l'ombre (Albert Skira, Publisher), Voyages (Benteli), and, most recently, L'atelier du Sculpteur: Paul Wallach, 1994-1999 (Benteli).

His search for imagery for his photographs have taken him around the world including Yugoslavia (1987); Egypt, New York (1989); Prague, Barcelona (1990); Algeria-Sahara, Colombia (1992); Russia (1993); Rome (1994); Venice, Lisbon, Luxembourg (1995); China, Austria (1996); Greece (1997); Vietnam, Florence, Iceland (1998); Senegal, Texas, New Mexico (1999); Corsica, Yemen, Sicily (2000); Cuba, Morocco, Portugal (2001); Tuscany (2002); Turkey and Portugal (2006).