Denise Cade Gallery
Paul Wallach

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Paul Wallach was born in New York in 1960. After his undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, he entered the Masters Program in Artisanry at Boston University. After two years in Florence, Italy, he returned to the United States, where he worked as Artist-in-Residence at the studio of American sculptor Mark Di Suvero. In 1987, he received an Individual Fellowship in the Visual Arts from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and held his first solo exhibition at the Denise Cadé Gallery, New York in 1990. Since 1994, he has lived and worked in Paris.

Wallach’s sculptures incorporate their very surroundings, whether by projecting from the wall into the viewer’s space, or by using reflected color on the wall as an integral part of the work itself. His understated media – wood (often raw), paint, paper, metal – lend the work a simplicity that allows us to concentrate on their basic forms, relations between elements, textures, colors, and light, direct or reflected. They are contemplative works, subtle in their intricacy, yet profound in their impact.